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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Moving Pains or Moving Gains

Moving involves such great sorrow, hard work, and unpleasant events. Most of us have moved many times during our professional lives, but for those of us who have not done so recently, a move from one residence in one state to one in another state seems so much more like torture than it did during all the previous moves. One could always use the old cliche about being older, but that seems so hackneyed itself and seems so inadequate to create the true level of discomfort that has been encountered by the mover. Why do people move other than for a change in careers or positions? Recently, a new category of mover has been created--an evacuatee, meaning a person or family forced to move when their entire city or community has been devastated by an act of nature such as a hurricane (e. g. Katrina). Others move for reasons ranging from retiring to a more desirable location to locating in a less expensive area to living near other family members. Of course, several myths must exist to permit the movers to present a favorable picture to their friends and colleagues at the old location.
One of the myths is that by leaving the old location, old baggage will be left behind and a fresh start will be made in the new location. Perhaps this myth has some truth, but the mover usually carries some baggage with himself/herself and the new start will be influenced by the old baggage despite one's best efforts. Another myth is that it is possible to move to a less expensive area. The truth here is that costs are reallocated among the various household categories. For example, income taxes may be less but property taxes will be more. Sales taxes may be lower, but utilities and local fees will be higher. Another myth is that in the new location there will be so many new and interesting activities and events that all of the old activities will be forgotten. Again, there may be some element of truth in this assertion, but what usually happens is that many people seek out the same types of activities as before. If one enjoyed going to theater performances (local or professional shows), then that will be a desired activity in the new location. If one enjoyed golf, that will be desired in the new location. If one enjoyed swimming, walking, or tennis, that means the same choices will be made in the new location. This could continue for some time with a listing and partial debunking of myths, but has the answer yet been obvious as to why people move? I think not, and the real reasons are not the same as the formally stated ones.
Do people have a desire for new challanges? Do people actually desire the opportunity to meet new people? Do people actually desire the need to learn the local "ropes" in a new city or community? Do people actually need the stimulation of being forced to confront new rules, routes, and customs? Many people making purely domestic, as opposed to an international move, would not want to admit to these given motives. Perhaps there is some generalization here that would not always hold up to scrutiny. Yet, upon careful examination of the moving situation it seems that some of these unstated (often) motives may be stronger than usually recognized, and may be more important than those given earlier. The evidence, indirect though it may be, seems fairly strong. Why would people subject themselves to the torture of moving from friends, subject themselves to the hard, hard work of packing and moving, and why would people pay the extra money involved in a move (not those caused by company transfers or moves)? It seems clear that some strong desires for new challenges must exist within some people's psyches. Only some illogical reasons and rationalizations could explain the moving activity based on the myths mentioned above, despite their obvious appeal and widespread usage by the modern movers. Or is it all a dream, played out on a stage by some poor players, hoping to wake up and still be in their own old comfortable bed?


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